Let’s talk money!

Gimi is an app that has super financial functionalities making it fun and educational to handle money. Both for kids and parents.

You become experts!

Using money, saving money and setting goals is a fun and essential way to get skilled in the world of digital money that young people live in already today.

Family comes first!

We have created our own Code of ethics so that the whole family can feel safe. Read our Code of ethics here.

Family financials became fun

Gimi has fantastic family features that allow children to handle their own money and get economic superpowers in real life.

25 £

Keep track of money

Parents choose day, sum and whether it should be a weekly or monthly allowance. Get recommendations about what is an appropriate sum for the child's age and get notified when it's time to pay up.


The children take responsibility and plan their spending.


10% interest rate

50 kr

A live piggy bank

Parents encourage saving by putting interest in the piggy bank. When the child saves money, the piggy bank becomes happier.


The children learn that saving pays off.

Tasks with photo evidence

Parents hand out tasks that reward the children. The tasks can be reoccurring on specific days, demand photo evidence or be as first come first serve.


The children earn their own money and better understand its value

33% saved for a funfair trip

57% saved for a gaming console

100% saved for a football

Saving goals for big dreams

The children can plan their savings towards goals and see how they get closer with every penny.


The children can save up to things they previously only dreamt about

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