This is family business!

We are here to change and improve the way of how young people learn to handle digital money. We welcome all kids and parents to join our cause!

Let the weekly pocket money live on!

I grew up with my parents and five siblings during the 90’s. I had 200 meters to the kiosk, a bike with 21 gears and twelve marbles. I was eight years and king every Saturday when i got my golden 10 kr coin. The golden coin wasn’t only precious and shiny, I could even trade it for my favorite ice cream and still have 6 kroners left that i could put in my piggy bank. You could say that I had superpowers.

I was pretty good at nagging at that time. Even though I pointed at items and stuff I wanted I had to save money or wait for christmas eve. When I had saved for some time, I normally bought marbles or hockey cards for my collector binder. For a long time I was hoping for Mario Lemieux, a center who played for Pittsburg Penguins. When he finally popped out of a package I bought I started crying and jumping because I was so happy. My mother asked me to run twice around the house so I could calm down. Even though I have stopped running around the house I still get a smile on my face when I know that Mario is framed in my binder.

I miss my childhood. I miss Donald Duck pockets, stealing apples and buying candy for Saturday evening at the local kiosk. It’s because of this longing that I created Gimi. Because it’s different today. Many children today are not able to be kings or queens for a day or doesn’t even get any weekly pocket money at Saturdays. Sure, the ice cream doesn’t cost 4 kroners and the local kiosk has probably been shut down. But I want to be part of creating new ways to keep golden coins, weekly pocket money and piggy banks to live on in the digital world. I want to make sure that today's children will also get that amazing feeling, that Saturdays are the greatest of days.

Philip Haglund CEO & Founder

The Micro Managers

Children are one third of our population and all of our future. Therefore here at Gimi children are obviously at the center. Not only in the use of the app, but also in the creation. The Micro Managers is our own group of experts who discuss, evaluate, and share ideas so that Gimi can become as good as possible. Would you like to get in touch with the Micro Managers, feel free to e-mail them at
Amanda, 12 years
Axel, 12 years
Calle, 8 years
Caroline, 8 years
Felix, 12 years
Gabriel, 15 years
Irma-li, 12 years
Noel, 12 years
Theodor, 10 years
Vilhelmina, 8 years

The Board

Patrik Parnfors
Chairman of the Board
Matilda Hannäs
Stefan Persson
Oscar Salén
Stefan Arenbalk

Helping children and youths is important and something we take very serious. That is why we are not only educating young people in handling their own money. We are every month supporting ”The children's cancer fund” with parts of our employees' salaries. By doing that we hope that we will help ”The children's cancer fund” with their important work in the fight against cancer.