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Gimi, founded in Stockholm in 2015, strives to be the global leader in the development of educational fintech products for young people and their supporters. We do so by partnering with the decision-makers of the future, equipping them with Financial Superskills, so that they can make smarter financial decisions in the future, improving financial well-being for the next generation.

Societies becoming cashless, without offering alternative money management solutions for young people, has put the next generation’s financial well-being at stake. We use innovative technology, insights and the latest science to create an inclusive financial ecosystem that empowers the next generation to thrive in the next economy.

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Gimi Beginner

Practice money, with real benefits. The free app was created for busy families to help children and teenagers manage pocket money, set money aside and learn how to master their personal finances, in one safe, fun place.

The mobile pocket money manager teaches kids financial education that will benefit them through life because practice makes perfect and smart money management achieves goals!

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Gimi Master

Gimi Master is the premium version of Gimi. It’s a feature-packed education tool that allows children to put their knowledge into practice.

The Gimi Card is included in Gimi Master. A Prepaid Mastercard® developed with a children and teenagers first mind-set. Not only is it connected to the child’s app to provide them with solid learning opportunities, but also with unique parental controls.

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The Gimi team

The Gimi team consists of a core group of ca. 30 members, who joined to build the best financial for children and teenagers. The team’s efforts has yielded amazing results, such as making Top 250 most promising Fin-techs in the world 2018 by CBInsights, and top 100 hottest startups in Europe by Wired UK in 2019.

All team members hold one thing in common: we joined Gimi because we believe that teaching children the meaning of money will not only have an impact on the individuals, but also lead to better financial decisions that will have a positive impact on our entire society. In other words, with Gimi, we hope to shape the future of financial markets to create a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

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