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Financial Superskills for children and young people

Teaching children about money

Gimi Research Center

There is a lack of available research on the subject of children and financial literacy, as well as validated measurement scales and testing methods. This is mainly due to limited access to data. Something we have. Therefore, we are building a global research community to support advancements within the field of developing financial literacy.


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153 334 091 SEK

Amount of pocket money handed out in Sweden 2019


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Research partners

Since 2017 Gimi conducts research promoting the subject of children and financial literacy, through standalone projects as well as through collaborations with world leading researchers. We are currently working together with researchers from Babson College, Stockholm School of Economics and Dartmouth College, and looking for further collaborations.

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A combination of proven learning methods

Backed by scientific research, the Gimi platform is based on theories of experiential & social learning, and features four fundamental principles to provide children with fun, efficient and effortless learning opportunities.

Financial education with Gimi is:

  • Hands-on
  • Social
  • Meaningful
  • Continuous

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