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Financial education in focus when Gimi releases a new update

August 28, 2020

In Gimi's new update, the children get a visualization of their money for the first time, the parents get a brand new home screen with a crystal clear overview and the Piggy-bot takes over cyberspace with jetpacks, cool gadgets and awesome effects. Join Gimi's latest release where heavy financial facts have been transformed into gamified effects and where Gimi reaches new heights in terms of financial education.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi said - and we cannot agree more, when we now release a new update in line with our mission of equipping children with financial superskills for life.

With Gandhi's wise words in our mind, we will continue to develop Gimi to teach children to manage their money and gain an increased financial literacy. We know that it isn’t enough to just think, feel or talk about what needs to be done. To change and influence, deeds are required, it has to be action - for real - and with that, of course, comes a new release and this great blog post updating you about all the great features we are releasing!

Parents' home screen in a new shape that provides a clearer overview

We are, to say the least, extremely proud to present your new home screen! With completely new graphs and charts, you can now easily get a clear overview of your child's savings, next weekly allowance and the status of the chores. Needless to say, you will also have full control of how much money the child has left on the Gimi-card.

Home screen supporters - Gimi app

If you have several children, you will of course be able to see them all in a clear structure so that you can easily navigate between their individual approaches and quickly create everything from transfers to new chores.

So what are you waiting for? Update the app and say hi to your new home screen, we hope you like it!

To the Gimi app

The money is visualized for increased understanding

The thought that it isn’t possible to understand the value of money when we no longer have cash is an outdated myth. In fact, with Gimi's new update, where the money turns into gold bars, diamonds, coins and banknotes, we have now managed to recreate the feeling of the cash in a digital environment. This means that the child in the app can clearly see how the money comes and goes as the balance changes in one of the children's accounts.

Understanding how one's own behavior affects the personal financial situation is a basic prerequisite for financial literacy and therefore of the utmost importance to teach one's child at an early age. By letting your child visualize how abstract numbers become clear illustrations in the app, your child gets a clearer picture of the value of money and understands how these can be used in real life.

Visualization of money in the Gimi app

Because the visualization in the Gimi app is largely similar to the TV, computer and mobile games that children use daily, children experience Gimi's design as easy to understand, fun and attractive to use. We are fully convinced that financial education can be both fun and educational, as long as the tool for teaching are something that children voluntarily choose to use.

You as a parent may therefore, at first, be surprised at how similar Gimi is to a game, but we promise you, after a few weeks of use, you will be overjoyed that your child voluntarily wants to learn about finances and money. Maybe you even get a little jealous that the app did not exist when you grew up!

New effects in Piggy's cyberspace for increased motivation and deeper insights

We return to how we started this post - we are the change that we wish to see in the world. The change we want to see is that the education about money becomes fun; that children feel inspired and curious to learn more. We know that children love Piggy, we also know that children love games (yes, adults can love games too) and we know that the human brain has an ability to remember and understand things better if we can connect them to something we think is fun. Based on that, the answer to how the future financial education will look is simple. Welcome to Piggy's cyberspace!

Scoreboard Piggy levels in the Gimi app

From now on, children will be able to reach new levels in their Piggy bank, in their Vault and with their Gimi card. The more money the child saves, the more effects and cool elements the child will see. For example, the Gimi card shines brighter the more money saved on it, Piggy gets a royal crown when saving becomes really impressive and the digital money rattles in when payday kicks in.

In this way, the Gimi app motivates children to save and teaches them how wise financial decisions create positive effects. The child will suddenly realize that it is more fun to let the money grow in an account instead of spending it in shops, stores and fast food places. A tip for you as a parent is to ask your child to explain how the effects in the app have been created, then the child gets a chance to deepen their knowledge and at the same time you get a great time together!

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