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New with Gimi - More pedagogy and gaming!

July 1, 2020

Renewing and clearing up is important but the same also goes for preservation and development too. At Gimi, we love just that and we strive to improve the Gimi app every day, year-round for our customers. Some things require longer time and more work, while others can be fixed in a few days. In this blog post we will go through the latest updates in the app and also give you a taste of what's coming soon. The blog will be updated frequently so that you always can keep track of what's new. So here we go!

You have probably already noticed that there have been some changes lately, parts of the app have been redesigned and thereby become more user-friendly. All to make it clearer for children for how and when they earned their money and what it takes to earn more money. This is entirely thanks to feedback from you, our users! We combine our helpful user feedback with that of researchers and experts too, but without your smart thoughts, ideas and viewpoints, the app would never be what it is today, so… Thanks!

News on what’s already updated in the Gimi app

A clearer structure for chores

In the new data view you can now find three different segments; 'To Do', 'Pending', and 'Approved'. This way, the child can easily create an understanding of what is on the schedule to do and what has been accomplished. It is also possible to see how much money each chore gives, which creates extra motivation for children to get started. At the top of the page there are circles that clearly show an overview of the week's chores and what they mean in terms of money earned, all in order for the child to create a financial understanding and learn how to make money in the best possible way.

Earned money statistics

Probably the best news regarding the chore segment is that a tab called 'Statistics' which has also been added. There, the child can get a clear overview of how much money he or she earned from completed chores based on both an annual and monthly basis as well as in total. During this segment, the child can also see which chore seems to be his or her favorite as well as what percentage of the chores they completed during the current year. By using Gimi, we hope that children not only learn the value of money but also create an understanding of how to read statistics and how the relationship between implementation and reward works.

The cyberspace takeover

At Gimi, we want to take children ‘to infinity and beyond’, as Buzz Lightyear would have said. After listening to you we have understood that the space theme with the dark blue design, is something that kids really like. That is why we have simply started to sneak that design into the app more and more! And watch out for more of this to come!

Soon, the Gimi app will be likened to a large educational cyberspace where only imagination sets limits. In Gimi we want the children to dream away, aim high and paint their big savings goals. We also want to create an environment where they practice their entrepreneurial and creative ability so that they can come up with new, fun tasks to make money from. We hope you like it!

News about what is coming soon!

‘Dream’ feature gets a rename

The dream that the children are saving for will very soon be called 'Goal'. That word fits much better with money and savings, which is our aim to educate the children in. So do not be confused when the change occurs, the meaning is exactly the same and of course the children can continue to dream!

New visualization of the goal

For many children, the goal feature is the most important part of the Gimi app. The importance of being able to see how, week by week, task by task they are approaching their big goal is extremely important for many children. Therefore, we will make it even clearer how close to the goal the child is and what it takes to achieve it. Awesome effects and great use of pedagogy sometimes does the trick!

The brand new ‘Goal Map’ is coming!

This, to say the least, is a new feature we are very proud of and incredibly expectant about. We all know that we have to take one step at a time if we are to achieve a big goal and what motivates us to continue to fight are the milestones on the way there.

With the new goal map, the child will gradually reach new levels and unlock new effects. The end goal, which is at the top of their cyberspace, always exists as a guiding star and reminds them why they are fighting. By visualizing this journey with the help of the goal map, we hope that children will both become more motivated and more aware of how exactly to save money.

Gimi has always focused on making it fun to learn about money, which is why we make the app a bit more gamified so that the kids get challenged, excited and feel inspired too! But as usual, we always lean back on research and now more than ever we are investing qualitatively for the children's financial education.

New savings statistics

Finally, you will see further examples of how children's financial literacy is put at the center with this latest development. A new statistical view of the child's savings, goals and total sum will be added. You will find it by scrolling down under the new goalmap. We have prioritized this as we know that it is much easier to create an understanding of the value of money if it is visualized in a different way than just in numbers.

Yes, because the goal at Gimi is and will always be to give children Financial Superskills for Life®, we hope you want to join us on that journey!

Still in work mode, changes can be made.

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