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Personal data

How is my personal data protected by Gimi?

All user data is protected by extensive fire walls on encrypted servers. We are compliant with GDPR, The Swedish Data Protection Authority and PCI DSS. Gimi never shares or sells any user data with third parties, except when required for legal reasons, such as with our card issuer and ID verification provider for card users.

How can I delete my personal data?

If you delete your user account all of your personal data will be deleted. Please not that it's not enough to uninstall the app, you need to delete the account from inside the app.

Why do I need to verify my identity when I order the Gimi card?

According to law Gimi has to ensure your identity when you order the card. This is needed to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Gimi has the security standard PCI DSS level 3 compliant, what does that mean?

PCI Payments Security Council is an organisation founded by American Express, Discover, JCB International, MasterCard and Visa which aims att benefitting security and help companies and financial institutions to maintain a high security standard. PCI Payments Security Council has developed security standards and companies may be certified according to these standards. Gimi is a certified according to the standard PCI DSS level 3 which among other things means:

* Gimi has built and maintains secure network,

* Protects the cardholders data,

* Has a risk management program,

* Implemented strong measures for competence control,

* Regularly monitor and test networks and

* Has a policy for information security

according to the requirements of Payments Security Council.


What is E-money?

E-money is an abbreviation for electronic money. E-money is a monetary value that is stored electronically, represented by a claim on the issuer and can be widely used for making payments. The E-money on the Gimi Card is issued by Prepaid Financial Services

Does Gimi offer a savings account?

No, neither Gimi nor Prepaid Financial Services offer a savings account. Instead your E-money is stored in an E-wallet. You earn no interest on your E-money and you cannot withdraw funds that has been transferred to the E-wallet. The E-money held in the E-wallet is connected to the Gimi Card can be spent using the Gimi Card.

Do I earn interest on the E-money on the Gimi Card?

No, you do not earn interest on the E-money on the Gimi card.

How is the E-money on the Gimi card protected?

The E-money is protected in Prepaid Financial Services' internal system. A corresponding amount to your amount of E-money is held on a bank account in Prepaid Financial Services's name at the bank Barclays.

What happens with my E-money if Gimi goes bankrupt?

There are two possibilities.
1: The E-money on the Gimi card will be repaid to you.
2: Prepaid Financial Services will transfer the prepaid card to another company and the E-money can continue to be spent with the card.

Is the money held at Barclays protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

No, the money that is held in Prepaid Financial Services name at Barclays is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

As a customer of Gimi Master, what is my relationship with Prepaid Financial Services?

You are a customer to Prepaid Financial Services and the product you bought is the Gimi Card. For more information please see the Issuer terms.

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