The family members...

…are becoming self-taught superheroes in family finance. They save, share tasks and keep track of their weekly and monthly pocket money. Here you can follow their journey towards better money management in the family.

5-6 years
7-8 years
9-10 years
11-12 years
13-14 years
15-16 years

£ has been saved by kids using Gimi

Which equals

Game Consoles

Funfair Visits


Interest that brings you to 100%

To enable kids to reach their dreams, the parents chooses an interest that makes the money grow. That makes more kids reach their saving goals. The average interest is:1,5%

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Most popular tasks

Each day thousands of kids complete tasks that contribute at home and bring a broader understanding of money. Among our users there are kids that have changed tires, been babysitting, painted the garage, learned the periodic table and abstain from sugar for a whole week(!)

9 %Take out the bin bags
26 %Doing the dishes
12 %Make the bed
9 %Do the laundry
16 %Clean your room
8 %Homework

Every child deserves financial coaching

It is at home where children talk and learn about money. Gimi has gathered tips and tricks for all parents who want to have a good time and at the same time help their kids in their journey towards a better understanding of money. Dive into Coaching to become a superparent!