New Feature! Wishlist!

2 December

Christmas is around the corner and for you who don’t know what to buy for your kids, Gimi comes to the rescue! We are launching the new feature Wishlist in the app – so the kids can can create their own wishlists and share them with you and the rest of the family. (click the icon circled in red to share it as a text or e-mail)

You can find the wishlist under Savings Goals in the app. And when you click one of the wishes as “bought”, obviously your kid won’t see that. Being Santa should be easy!


Christmas gift of the year – for kids

Here at Gimi we did a major study to find out what kids actually wanted for Christmas.

We found that the savings goal that had the biggest growth during 2016 was the Airboard!

If you want to see the rest of the top lists, where we have divided wishlists between different age groups, you can find them among the wishlist in the app. There you can also find inspiration if your kid haven’t written their own list yet.

Good luck with the lists!!

Philip and the Gimi-team