Norway’s biggest blogger tests Gimi

15 February

This weekend Norway’s biggest family-blogger Marna Haugen Burøe tested Gimi with her kids, and really seemed to like it, here is what she wrote:

I followed  long thread on Facebook the other day, about what tasks and what allowance is suitable for children of different ages, does your kids get allowance? How old are they and what do they do? We thought to start with it now, Theodor has his ninth birthday this spring and is a good helper, but only when I request it.

Theodor thought money was something we got from the bank , it may not be easy for the young to understand money when we almost never have the cash anymore. I have downloaded an allowance-app that I think well made, it is called Gimi and has weekly assignments, salary system and save system. Fucking smart!



From his iPad Theodor can say when he has done each task, and then I have to approve it before he gets “money in the account.” Each task is easily described so he can not possibly sneak away with “boy I did not understand ..! and best of all is that I can demand picture proof that the task is performed. And the task can also be homework! I do not hesitate to put out a fiver to get him to do the hated homework.

The allowance can be removed or be left partially on mom’s self-determined rate. I was actually nervous on the interest rates since I don’t want to give him TOO high interest rate either .. But he should profit from saving so i gave him 5% so that he will not get shock when he one day encounters the real brutal World Bank.

I actually think this is something that is going to work very well, not least on homework, which is the biggest challenge of ours. Well, then he gets a fiver to make the homework, I hope that he will love saving. He will not be able to save enough to his own cellphone before he is 9 years old anyway.

It was not actually supposed to make a big post about this app but is well worth a look.

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