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The Card that teaches your children hur money works

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The Card for children and young people

The Gimi Card provides an overall solution for children and teenagers. App integration for easy money management.

Teach you children how to manage money, in a safe and easy way!

How much is Gimi Master and the Gimi-card? Fees & limits >

Step 1:

Download the app

First download the Gimi-app that gives you and you child a simple way to handle you economy

Step 2:


Connect with your child and get started.

Step 3:

Order the card

Order the Gimi Card for your child when they're ready to manage their own money!

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Step 1:
Download the Gimi-app

Order the card in the Gimi-app!

Gimi makes the everyday life easier. Chores are rewared, dreams come true and when the allowance is due - it's on time.

The app is free and recommended from age 7.

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Step 2:
Connect with your child

When you and your child have downloaded the app, you can connect your accounts. Now you can set a payday, goals, chores and follow the growth together.

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Step 3:
Order the card in the app

The Gimi-card gives your child the indepenceny to handle their own money in a safe way, while you also get notified of all transactions.



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Financial skills

Gimi is designed to educate children in economics, so that their generation are ready when these skills are required.

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Følg all aktivitet fra din egen app. Få kjøpsnotater, følg drømmer og fyll eller sperre kortet hvis det er nødvendig.

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Safe and secure

Gimi is regulated by Finansinspektionen, Sweden's financial supervisory authority, and acts as Account Information Service Provider. The card is issued in cooperation with Mastercard® and Prepaid Financial Services Limited in the UK.

How much is Gimi Master and the Gimi-card? Fees & limits >

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